ECOWEB has five (5) major programs which are implemented in an integrated manner at the community level. These are:

  1. Gender – Responsive People’s Empowerment


Gender-responsive capacity building of community partners for their effective management of their programs and projects and for the sustainable peace and development of their communities is the focus of this program. Capacity building includes community organizing, training, coaching and partnering with the people’s organizations. Working with the most vulnerable and marginalized, ECOWEB gives special attention to the protection of the rights of the Indigenous People (IP) and Internally Displaced People (IDP).

  1. Inclusive Good Governance


ECOWEB works for the effective participation of the vulnerable and marginalized sectors in governance including in development and land use planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of government programs.  Capacity building of Indigenous People, Internally Displaced People, PWD, farmers, fisher folks, women, youth, informal settlers, among others for their effective engagement with the local and national governments is a concern of this program. ECOWEB also engages directly with the government to promote inclusive, transparent and accountable governance.

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action


ECOWEB works for localizing response to global concerns about climate change and the increasing vulnerability of communities to both natural and human-induced hazards. This program promotes Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) in addressing disaster risks and initiating climate change adaptation measures. It works for mainstreaming DRR-CCA in local government land use and development planning and for community-based biodiversity conservation and rational utilization of natural resources. Community-based climate action.

  1. Peace Action and Conflict Transformation


ECOWEB advocates for Peace at the different levels of society by employing creative strategies such as Cinema for Peace and Historical Journey, among others. At the grassroots level, Peace Actions focus on transforming resource-based conflicts and raising people’s awareness about peace concepts. The program also advocates for mainstreaming peace-building and conflict transformation concepts in local government development planning and programming.

  1. Sustainable Livelihoods Program thru Social Enterprise


ECOWEB promotes sustainable agriculture, food productivity enhancements and develops community social enterprises following value-chain approach. This is implemented in a convergent approach integrating as well the concerns for the environment, gender and peacebuilding in empowering the community to create its own wealth sustainability.