Financial Assistance handed over to Self Help Groups of Marinao and Sareg

marinaoThe Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (ECoWEB), Inc., with the financial support from Christian Aid, handed over a total of Php40,000 assistance to one of the elected Self Help Group (SHG) at Dilimbayam, Pantao Ragat, Lanao Del Norte on January 15, 2018.

Under the Survivor and Community Led Response (SCLR) approach, the chosen group is named as Marinao which is composed of 40 members who are considered as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Marawi City. It was agreed among the members of the group to choose gardening of vegetables and spices as business venture they want to pursue.

Furthermore, the Php40, 000 assistance will be used to buy gardening tools, vegetable seeds and, organic fertilizer. And to ensure the success of the business the EcoWeb staff and volunteers will be monitoring the work and progress of the group.

The harvested vegetables will then be sold to the local market and the money that will be generated from it will serve as their savings for other business they want to venture.

One of the leaders of the group Marinao is Ms. Anina Gundul, 31 years old, a resident of Marinaut, Marawi City, and a mother to 3 children was asked what she can say about the livelihood assistance offered to their community, to which she delightfully responded, “I am thankful for the livelihood assistance of ECOWEB and it will be a great help to recover from the Marawi siege.”

 On the same day, Php50, 000 monetary assistance was also given to the other Self Help Group (SHG) at Matungao, Lanao Del Norte. The group, namely Sareg, is composed of 13 members who are also considered as IDPs of Marawi City and, consequently, agreed to invest on dress-making industry.

sareg group

Moreover, the ECoWEB and Sareg came to an agreement that the Php50, 000 monetary assistance will be considered as a loan to which the group is expected to pay back within six months without any added interest. The loan will be used to buy sewing machines and materials to produce products to which Sareg members will harmoniously cooperate to boost in sales.

One of the leaders of Sareg, Mr. Abubakar Rascal, 32 years old, a resident of Lilod Daguduban, Marawi City, and a father to 2 children, assured the Team that the loan will not go to waste and guaranteed a large return of investment to suffice their everyday needs and recover from the shambles caused by Marawi siege.

The Survivor and Community Led Response (SCLR) is one the most effective approach in helping the victims of the Marawi Siege. It makes the affected people feel that they can immediately recover what they lost. It is a process of contributing to longer term objects of people’s empowerment.