” From now on I will stay a humanitarian worker as I can”



Assalamu Alaycom Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

ECOWEB was the first NGO I’ve worked. The day I got here, I’m not expecting that my skills can be helpful in this line of work. As an amateur photographer and graphic artist, I wasn’t expecting that I will able to enhance my skills especially in photography.
The more challenged I’ve come up, the more strength I got, loving my works makes me stronger, and successful so that I learn a lot. For me everything was for IDP Survivors just like me.  ECOWEB makes me realized that my skills is not just a technical skills but can be part of humanitarian work,  even though sometimes I even forget to take a bath because i felt like my work was no end was fine, because I know that every minute I spent save or helped the IDP.

From now on I will stay a humanitarian worker as I can.

As a member of EcoWeb family, I’am Najeullah “Nacho” Ubanan Disomimba, I’am Learning.



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