CLEARNet volunteers meet to assess humanitarian interventions

DSC02495Community-led Emergency Action Response Network (CLEARNet) volunteers hold meeting today to assess and review the implementation of community/survivor led response (C/SLR) as an approach and mechanism in human-induced disaster management.

CLEARNet is a network organized by Ecoweb Inc. following a thorough training on C/SLR in conflict and disaster management introduced by Local2Global Protection (L2GP).

Its coordination and operations are supported by CORDAID.

The volunteers are responsible in the participatory action-learning process of C/SLR, monitoring the situation of evacuation sites, helped in the coordinative management, and facilitate the distribution of all forms of humanitarian assistance from Ecoweb Inc. and its partners.

Ecoweb’s partner/network is expanded at the local when Marawi crisis started.

DSC02499They delved into the gaps and problems encountered while working with the displaced communities from Marawi city since May 23 when violent conflict erupted between the government forces and the local extremist group.

They also crafted their recommendations to improve and be more creative in the interventions using C/SLR as tool for humanitarian intervention.

Volunteers exchanged their varied experiences  and the entailing probable impact of a protracted internal displacement in correlation to humanitarian, human rights, security and other related actions.

Exchange of insights include potential implications of prolonged displacement to IDPs and the effects of host communities’ capacities to find responses on common problem to ensure strategic outlook and analysis on prevailing situation.


There were 23 volunteers from varied organization-partners and barangays who attended the assessment on Monday, July 31.

The meeting was held at the conference center of Ecoweb Inc.