Maranao IDP youths attend paralegal training

Sixty Maranao IDP youth volunteers attend paralegal workshop to increase knowledge on documenting issues, cases, and stories of internally displaced peoples from Marawi city.

para 1The workshop was organized by Reconciliatory Initiatives for Development Opportunities (RIDO, Inc.) in partnership with EcoWEB Inc. , Local to Global Protection (L2GP), and Christian Aid.

Maranao lawyers are the resource persons in this workshop.

Volunteers were taught on human rights laws.

para 3Some of these Maranao youth participants are themselves evacuees.

Their tribal identity, language, and contextual understanding of violent conflict in Marawi are leverage in the documentation of bakwits‘ issues.

Sultan of Marawi city Abdul Hamidullah Atar, himself an evacuee, works to empower these youths who will be fielded in the evacuation centers for the listening processes with bakwits.

Atar is also an executive director of RIDO Inc. that have worked with varied international and local partners to resolve and mediate feuds in Lanao.

para 4“Empowering the evacuees to act on their issues is part of the inspiration of survivor-led response to Crisis (SLR) approach in disaster management and conflict transformation,” said Regina Antequisa, executive director of EcoWEB Inc.

SLR also discourage furthering of  “victimization” of internally displace peoples.  Their rights, options, and capacity to decide rise up from their situation need to be respected genuinely.

There is about 266,000 evacuees from Marawi city — either home-based or in the evacuation centers.