563 families of evacuees receive micro cash, food packs assistance

Five hundred sixty three Maranao displaced families hosted by relatives and communities in four barangays in Iligan city received micro-cash and food packs assistance from Community-led Emergency Action Response Network (CLEARNet), a collaboration initiated by Ecoweb Inc. with support from Christian Aid and L2GP.

cash assistanceThese 563 families are among the 266,000 residents who fled from Marawi city when violence between the government troops and  local radical extremists erupted on March 23.

The micro-cash grant and food pack assistance, consisting of one kilo dried fish and 1/4 kilo of red beans, were opted by the beneficiaries considering the period of Ramadhan and to veer from usual can goods-and-noodles served during displacement.

june17Evacuees assisted are those who temporarily settled at barangay Upper Hinaplanon, Pugaan, Mahayahay and Saray.

This option to avail cash assistance and exercise of freewill from beneficiaries– to decide what is convenient or responsive to their needs as evacuees, is in accord to survivors-led response (SLR) principles. Evacuees are enabled as decision-makers to address their issues and concerns.

Members and volunteers of CLEARNet doing humanitarian actions with Marawi evacuees.

Ecoweb team and its volunteers “focus on SLR approach to empower the community of evacuees and involve them in identifying relevant response,” said Nahida Takiri, staff of Ecoweb Inc. EcoWEB partners with the Local to Global Protection (L2GP) in promoting the SLR approach.

The cash assistance was distributed on June 6 , 7 and 17 in coordination with barangay officials where these evacuees are hosted.