EcoWEB with local partners and networks who have better access in host communities of displaced families from #MarawiCrisis is currently initiating a modified Survivor/Community-led Responses to Crisis (SLR) or we locally term as KAPAS-CARE (Kaya PagSama-Sama – Community Action Response to Emergency) that aims to provide opportunity for displaced survivors, host families and communities to find strength still in responding to their needs with our support. The combination of enabling families and communities to work together to address their humanitarian needs (food and non-food) through micro-grant scheme, providing immediate support of food items to where it is needed and where it is better option through existing local mechanisms, and creating spaces for psycho-social debriefing – we aim could help address immediate humanitarian needs and at the same time enable local capacities to be harnessed and mobilized to address immediate as well as their medium and longer term concerns in a more empowering manner.

#MarawiCrisis needs support from groups and individuals who are open enough to support a #humanitarian approach that is not conventional and traditional. Thus we wish to appeal for support from all who would like to enable a culture-sensitive, peace-enabling, conflict-transforming, dignifying humanitarian assistance. We believe that despite being displaced and seemingly feeling helpless, people have capacities to help themselves and their relatives, neighbours and communities. They know better than us what is good for them and how to better address their situation. We aim that through #SLR/#KAPAS-CARE approach, we are able to help addressing urgent humanitarian needs of displaced families and at the same time harness their local capacities to already start thinking on how to be able to bounce back and initiate actions towards rebuilding communities and peace – a psychosocial in action approach.

Currently (as of 30 May), around 5,000 displaced families have been identified by our local partners in various places in Iligan City, Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte who are in dire need of support mainly sustained by the host families. This is expected to grow day after day as more local volunteers and self-groups are organized. More than 90% of the Marawi population are now displaced. We aim to provide them support for immediate and special needs. About P5,100.00 pesos per family is an estimated needed amount to enable a family to sustain a week with dignity (provided with food, hygiene kits, basic kitchen utensils, mats) and special needs especially for Muslims in the context of #Ramadhan. This may differ depending on size of families. Through SLR/KAPAS-CARE approach, the displaced families are to be assisted through their organized self-help groups. Transparency and accountability shall be installed with them right from the very start of the process. Families with their self-help group leaders will be liquidating and reporting the use of assistance according their agreed plan. In areas where immediate mobilization of goods are needed, approach will, however, be modified.

Initially, EcoWEB have already provided rice and some goods to displaced families in dire need. We are thankful to the assistance of Christian Aid and donations thru the efforts of Local to Global Protection whose assistance made prior to Marawi Crisis has enabled EcoWEB to immediately respond to the crisis with our local partners. We are looking forward to more assistance from other commitments from in the coming days to include from CORDAID Philippines, DRRNet, among others. With Executive Director of ECOWEB serving as the current Sectoral Representative of the Victims of Disaster and Calamities of the National Anti-Poverty Commission, EcoWEB is also coordinating the members of the network for support. EcoWEB is initiating the strengthening of capacity of SLR practitioners and advocates thru its network CLEARNet – Community-led Emergency Action Response Network.

In Iligan City, EcoWEB and local partners are also concentrating in home-based displaced families where government support is finding difficulty to reach. Considering the sensitivity of situation in an area where Maranaos/Muslims are minorities and where biases and prejudices are real, assistance to be provided in Iligan and other Christian-dominated areas would be approached to facilitate greater understanding and sobriety of all concerned.

Coordination, cooperation and complementation of efforts are all the more needed in a greatly sensitive crisis situation such as the #MarawiCrisis. Thus, we are calling to all humanitarian organizations as well as government agencies to be more sensitive, responsive and coordinative. We also wish to remind all that displaced families in crisis situation have needs but also have rights and that we should always uphold the dignity of persons in our operation. They might be displaced, affected and seemingly powerless, but they all have capacities to help not only of themselves but also in addressing the seemingly huge crisis at hand. In this time of Martial Law, some basic human rights may be curtailed, but we call on our government that there are local processes that we hope the government would support to enable the displaced families, affected communities and all local actors become their partners in addressing basic needs of IDPs and help communities immediately bounce back from this crisis situation.

Local peace actions are much more needed in this time of crisis. We support local initiatives including mediation and negotiation with all actors to facilitate safety, security and access of displaced and affected families to humanitarian support and to enable them to help themselves and others. We also support local initiatives especially of the Sultanate of Marawi and other concerned local leaders in pushing for safe retrieval of cadavers within the war zone.  While focusing on immediate needs now, we are also concerned on the growing radicalization especially of the youth. Marawi crisis is considered a manifestation only of greater looming crisis and war, if not, effectively addressed by the government and all stakeholders. EcoWEB with partners is looking into this aspect in its over-all peace effort.

EcoWEB has observed that more assistance is now being provided to non-Muslim evacuees/displaced and affected of the #MarawiCrisis, hence, may just provide support to this groups when much needed.

EcoWEB is currently working with local groups and networks: OMAHCC and their local network (Imam’s League, Iligan Muslim Youth and Bai a Rawaton), RIDO, Inc. and the network of Sultanate of Marawi, Kalimudan (although all staff are greatly affected as also all displaced), MERN, among others, to effectively facilitate and coordinate efforts with the end in mind that we should not only be thinking of the immediate humanitarian needs but of rights of the affected to become an active participant to addressing their needs and of the wider community who are all desiring for conclusion of the crisis and installing peace. With EcoWEB Executive Director serving currently as the Sectoral Representative of the National Anti-Poverty Commission-Victims of Disaster and Calamities (NAPC-VDC), efforts is also coordinated with other responding members of the network.

We would appreciate all forms of support, but would appeal for support that would enable local actions and survivor/community-led response to the crisis situation in Marawi. For cash donations, please deposit to the bank accounts of EcoWEB below.

For inquiry you may call (063) 221-0322 or visit EcoWEB office at 001 Toribia A. Lluch Street., Lluch Cmpd., Camague, Tubod, Iligan City or email or message 0917-723-0396.

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Let’s multiply our voices for Peace and for strengthening Local Capacities in Responding to Crisis and Building Peace!