Increasing Guiuan communities’ resiliency thru capacity-building

To increase the capacity of residents in relating with local government and developmental institutions  of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, a 4-day workshop was conducted by Ecoweb Inc. on September 14-17, 2016.

14358854_1116223231746974_8749027827405727770_nBuilding on the theme “Capability Building for Guiuan Resilient Communities,” the workshop was designed to facilitate their identification of community needs; enhance their capabilities in preparing and submitting project proposals to sustain on-going developments; and, increase their capacity to engage with government or other platforms for the development agenda.

Workshop was done in creative role-playing to “for them to fully internalize the course.” The process aided to in identifying their respective skills, potential gaps, and other training needs.

14440650_1129273383775292_7013983063838424940_nRegina Antequisa, executive director of Ecoweb Inc., facilitated the workshop. participants as well.

Ecoweb Inc. viewed that equipping them with tools for planning and project development will increase the community’s resiliency.

It also helps strengthen community organization as post-rehabilitation intervention of communities affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

14355073_1116225471746750_3198582558165895990_nThere were 26 participants from 13 community-based organizations who attended the workshop.

During the workshop, the participants made Rapid Community Needs Assessment and identified potential projects which they can lobby with development organizations or government agency. They also identified their respective organizational representatives.

14469600_1129275000441797_665005164780481564_nThe workshop was supported by CORDAID.

The workshop was held at Parish Community Hall, Sulangan, Guiuan, Eastern Samar.